Please drink inside the lines

Posted on 10/26/2017
patio outside Lenexa Public Market with chairs and blue stars painted on groundWhen you come to the City of Lenexa’s new civic campus at 87th Street Parkway and Penrose Lane, you will notice blue stars painted on the sidewalk and signage in several places both inside buildings and out. These markers designate the Lenexa Public Market’s common consumption area, a newly created designation that permits multiple Market merchants to sell beer and wine. It also allows patrons to move freely with that alcohol inside the Market and outside on the Commons within the designated boundaries.

Please help us comply with state regulations and heed the blue stars boundary and any "no alcohol beyond this point" signs you encounter after purchasing your drink. This common consumption area is the first — and currently only — one of its kind in Kansas, and we want to retain our permit. 

Also, remember that you may not bring your own alcoholic beverages to the Market — indoors or out. Thanks for your cooperation. And cheers!

no alcohol beyond the blue stars sign