Meet the Merchant: John and Glenda Hester

Posted on 11/09/2017
Glenda Hester with a bar of soapOur merchants wear many hats. For some of them, operating a small business at the Lenexa Public Market is a side hustle that expresses a personal interest or hobby.

Meet John and Glenda Hester, who own Delyetful Soaps and Body Care Products. A desire to lead a healthier lifestyle is what inspired them to start the business. We asked them a few questions about what’s important to them.

Q. Describe your business concept.
A. The natural soap and body product industry has grown greatly in the past decade. People are more conscientious about what they put on their skin and we want them to understand the benefits of using our products. 

Q. What’s your name and title/role? 
A. John and Glenda Hester, CEOs, CFOs, Production Managers, Producers, Packagers, Labelers, Shop Designers, Sales Managers

Q. But what do you really do? 
A. John: Runs the Pulmonary Lab at Children’s Mercy Hospital, Dad, Grandpa, Assistant to the Soap Maker
Glenda: Teacher, Occupational Therapist, Mom, Grandma, Soap Maker Extraordinaire

Q. What excites you about the Lenexa Public Market?
A. The opportunity to be part of the market from the start and the chance to watch it grow.  

Q. What makes your business unique? 
A. We always produce our products in small batches so each item gets individual attention, from bath bombs to soaps to lotions! And each item is individually wrapped and labeled by a human!

Q. What is one thing you hope customers say after they leave your restaurant/shop? 
A. “These products are so great, I had to come back for more!”

Q. What made you get into this business? 
A. Wanting to live a healthier lifestyle, we started with diet. Then we realized what harsh chemicals we put on our bodies with the products we use every day, became educated about healthy/natural skin care products, started making some of our own and, voila, Delyetful Soaps was born!

Q. What is the biggest challenge for you in opening a Market stall?
A. Definitely the time commitment.

Q. Why should people support local businesses?  
A. Because the people that run these businesses are just hard-working individuals. They are your neighbors or friends who live in your town who desire to give you a great product with great customer service at an honest price.  

Q. What’s the coolest thing you’re working on?
A. Shave Soap and Beard Balm.

Q. Where might someone find you if you weren’t at work? 
A. Asleep…..just kidding….probably at a volleyball tournament (five daughters, all played a lot of volleyball, youngest one still playing).